This year, the Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating an important anniversary – 100 years since the birth of Miodrag B. Protić (1922–2014), the Museum of Contemporary Art’s founder and long-term first director (1965–1980), an influential artist, art theoretician and critic, and the author of numerous monographs and studies on modern and contemporary art.

The scientific conference will focus on some of the most significant aspects of Miodrag B. Protić’s work: his contribution to fine art as an author, his contribution to the field of writing – art criticism and prose, and the results achieved during his long-term management of the institution, most significant for the Museum and primarily concerned with his contribution to the promotion and creation of museum values ​​that are today still present in the Museum’s work.

The conference foresees the participation of art theorists and university professors Jasmina Čubrilo, Ph.D., Jerko Denegri, Ph.D., Milan Popadić, Ph.D., Ivana Simeonović Ćelić, Ph.D., as well as fellow museologists Jadranka Vinterhalter, museum adviser from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and one-time curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, and Čedomir Janičić, museum advisor of the City Museum in Sombor.

08/11/2022, 10.30 a.m.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Miodrag B. Protić Hall


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