The studio carries out the conservation and restoration of paintings from the collections and legacies of MoCAB done in various techniques and materials.

Furthermore, it proposes the protection measures for the works of art and supervizes their conduction, carries out the protection measures, and constantly monitors the works exhibited in exhibitions as well as the artworks stored in the depots of the Museum, intervening promptly when and if necessary. The studio also takes notes of the condition in which the works are either lent to other institutions, or borrowed for the needs of the Museum. It studies and develops working methods and emerging technologies of new materials which are used in contemporary art. It also studies new achievements in the field of conservation and restoration through professional literature and cooperates with conservation departments from other institutions. Depending on feasibility, it accepts conservation and restoration offers from other institutions and private collections. The Studio for Conservation and Restoration produces expert evidence and documentation regarding the protection of the works of art.