Children’s Club

Education courses intended for nursery and primary school children is developed aiming at establishing active communication in the field of visual culture and providing elementary knowledge in the realm of history and theory of art. The programme explores the possibility of developing and strengthening the capacity of experiencing, understanding and evaluating a work of art, examining modes of work with children that are applicable in a curriculum-driven programme and develops new models of work with schools. The road of the learning based on information processing and problem solving leads through museum exhibitions whose thematic scope enables integrative and active approach to learning.

Youth Club

The educational programme intended for secondary school students is put forth so as to actively participate in the formation of upbringing and educational system via promotion of the Museum’s collections and contemporary visual art production. With this in mind, the Museum’s collection offers thematic framework for research in the realm of history and theory of art, for development of critical thinking, for forging an awareness of the place and role of art as a part of the cultural heritage. Contemporary visual production, presented through theme-centred exhibitions, is a subject favourable to concentrate and develop visual thinking upon, establishing a creative relationship between visual art and education, emancipating a global, creative thinking which is a key to understanding contemporary society and a condition for being integrated within it.

Teachers’ Club

This programme is intended for teachers of primary and secondary schools who put into practice up-to-date methods of teaching drawing on integrative subjects and resources from their environment.

Conducted in the framework of educational programmes of the the MoCAB Children’s and Youth clubs, demonstrated that the participation of the Museum’s collections in the learning process based on integrative and interdisciplinary principle opens up a place within the school curriculum for the direct communication between museums and schools. Teachers’ Club examines concrete models of working with students which comply to a curricular-type of education course, and it also develops new modes of working with schools.