The exhibition features the artists who draw inspiration from different forms of situational awareness transforming them into complex new platforms for reflection and discourse.

Starting with MoCAB Salon in Belgrade and following with Pro Arts in Oakland, California, the exhibition will take place in several venues over the course of two years. Though each iteration, it is redeveloped as an autonomous project with different configurations of artworks which inform each other’s content.

Curators: Dejan Grba, Anna Novakov and Yvonne Senouf, members of Provisional Art Spaces [PAS] – an international consortium of curators and artists who create opportunities for spatial transference through artistic affiliations, environmental action and strategic productions.

Participating artists: Alexander Schellow (Germany), Badfaith VR (Australia), Dejan Grba (Serbia), Jonathan Harris, Jonathan Harris (USA) and Greg Hochmuth (USA), Julian Palacz (Austria), Kelly Mark (Canada), Nicolas Maigret (France) and Brendan Howell (USA), Ron Hutt (USA), Synthfarm (Singapore), Yin-Ju Chen (Taiwan) and James T. Hong (USA, Taiwan).