Radoš Antonijević is a middle generation artist who examines the medium of sculpture and its boundaries.

His works most often problematize the questions of matter, of the material, of use and perception. These formal researches are always intertwined with themes that touch upon the important points of life, dealing with aspects of history, politics, culture and society. Antonijević’s sculptures often confront function and shape and contribute to formation of some kind of generative object or an object full of metaphor that often contains in itself traces of comical and tragical in the same “picture“.

The exhibition in the Salon of the MoCA presents his five new works – three spatial objects, Lovćen Tent, Stone from the Moon, Capsule, and two wall installations, Perfection and Cemetery – where each object, installation, seems independent, distinguishing itself as a dominant object of specific meaning, although as such it can likewise represent a constitutive part of a larger whole. Unlike his recent solo exhibitions, and the already iconic works like “tents-churches”, “personal museums of contemporary art”, the exhibition with a poetic but very subjective and suggestive title – Some Kind of Joy, turns exactly towards the problematics of object and artist’s relationship towards it. Using motifs from popular culture (the sculpture Capsule was made according to the model of the small space ship from Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey) or usage objects from the outer world (the installation Perfection was made out of 36 road signs), Antonijević precisely opens up for us or offers consideration on the way his own artistic production works, on the place of sculpture in this production, on matter and materiality as a given, a fact, on the relationship between artist and object.

Curator: Una Popović