In the exhibition Silent talk/ Nemi govor Lana Vasiljević will present a large number of works, sculptures and objects. The Gallery of the Salon of the MoCAB can be seen as a polygon for considering different and varied concepts and materialized forms, that Lana has already contemplated and worked on for some years. For this reason, the exhibition is interpreted as a distinctive physical incarnation of the author’s inner positions and intimate thoughts, what the artist describes the strategy as a “mind map”.

The Silent talk exhibition presents a consistent narrative made up of objects and words which were given by the artist’s intervention the power to speak about time, space, transience, melancholy, longing, but also the endless possibility of transformation. In this way, elusive elements become part of a personal cartography (…) Basic geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, or squares, speak of the search for harmony between order and chaos, which is one of the earliest artistic pursuits. Engraved recurring, intersecting words represent signs, signposts that invoke deliberation on deeper meaning and inner things.

Marina Martićfrom the exhibition text

Lana Vasiljević (1973) completed her undergraduate and master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, sculptural department in Belgrade. Since 1997, she has participated in solo and group shows in Belgrade, New York, Paris, Vienna and The Hague. She was the recipient of different grants including the KulturKontakt program in Vienna and the ArtsLink residency in New York. She was also awarded the 1997 “38 Oktobarski Salon” award for Sculpture, the GRIFON award for visual identity in 2006 and 2010 and the award of the grand award of the 10. Biennial of watercolors, Contemporary Gallery in Zrenjanin. The works of Lana Vasiljević can be found in several private and Museum collection.

Curator: Una Popović
Author of text: Marina Martić