The modern age of electronics, digitalization, noise, efficiency, speed, fragmentation, variability… And in this age, stone – solid, compact, enduring, calm, quiet…

Stone and contemporaneity.

Contemporaneity – with its unstoppable and incessant whirlwind of everyday life, relentlessly extracts nearly every atom of energy from contemporary humans.
Stone – with its (sedimented) history, reflecting millennia of formation – offers a sense of tranquility; it beckons for devotion, observation, and shaping; invokes a dimension of eternity…
Even today, as in the Stone Age, stone excites and continuously inspires humans to create. The contemporary art scene, amidst all the innovations in the domain of materials, novel approaches to artistic creation and conceptualization, bears witness to the relatively limited but profoundly striking presence of stone as a material for artistic expression – equally in the realm of sculpture and the fields of architecture, painting, and various forms of multimedia.
In their artworks but also through their words/thoughts/perspectives, contemporary artists such as Petar Vujošević (1959), Marko Vukša (1977), Marko Vučković (1992), Kristina Ivić (1995), Ivan Jeremić (1979), Milan Kulić (1988), Mladen Miljanović (1981), Jelena Mirković (1995), Borislav Nježić (1933–2016), Dušan Petrović (1962), Olivera Savić Popović (1950), Mice Poptsis (1950), Dejan Trivunac (1967), Goran Čpajak (1963) and Đorđe Čpajak (1961) are compelling witnesses to this phenomenon.

author: PhD Rajka Bošković, Museum Advisor, Collection of Sculptures and Installations