The collection of the Musem began to form around the time of the establishing of Modern Gallery and by the time of the opening of Museum it counted 3.500 works of art. Today the fund consits of 8.000 works and represents the most relevant collection of art from the Yugoslav art space, which existed from 1900 to 1991.

Today, the policy of the Museum of Contemporary Art is based on the observation of contemporary art in Serbia, the Balkan region, and, as much as it is possible, in Europe and worldwide. The museum supplements its collections by purchasing from artists (either from current exhibitions or from studios), and through gifts and legacies.

A permanent part of Yugoslav art from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art

New In Collection



The Collection of Prints and Drawings


The Collection of Sculptures and Installations


The Collection of Painting after 1950


The Collection of Painting from 1900 to 1945


The collection of photography, film, video and digital media

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