In its original form, the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art was only partially accessible to wheelchairs. The project of the reconstruction provided access to all spaces in the Museum intended for the audience.

Today, the ramp leads to the side entrance and the building’s ground floor, which houses the entrance hall and the first level of the exhibition space, as well as the reading room, ticket desk, gift shop, restroom and lounge. From there, an elevator leads to the second and fourth levels of the exhibition space. The fourth level is a kind of communication hub — from there the hydraulic platforms reach the third and fifth levels of the Museum exhibition space.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is working to extend the accessibility of the program to as many audience groups as possible. During June and July 2019, an exhibition “In Touch With” was held, which, through a project of cooperation with the Union of the Blind of Serbia and the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, set the framework for a possible approach in working with and for the blind and visually impaired.